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Core Exam Room

Core Examination Room


Available Services

The CRC encourages use of its extensive collections by all interested parties at its well-maintained facility in Building 810, on the Denver Federal Center. A well-lit and spacious core examination room is available to users of the core collection. Binocular microscopes, water spray bottles, and 10% hydrochloric acid are provided. A photo stand and floodlights are available for use by visitors who bring their own cameras to photograph sections of core.

A separate cuttings examination room, equipped with microscopes, oil fluoroscopes, and a new sample dryer, is available to users of the large cuttings collection. For viewing and photographing thin sections, the CRC has two petrographic microscopes with computers and digital cameras. Users are allowed to bring a thumb drive to save their photomicrographs. The CRC has over 25,000 thin sections derived from the cores and cuttings in the CRC collections.

Adjacent to the examination rooms, the CRC has a small conference room and a large lecture room. In conjunction with a core or cuttings viewing appointment, researchers may reserve one or both of these rooms for showing presentations to colleagues or for conducting core workshops. Ten people can be seated around the large table in the conference room. The lecture room holds 45 people when set up like a classroom or 90 when arranged auditorium-style. When not occupied by users of the CRC collections, these rooms are exclusively reserved for use by USGS or other Federal agencies for official business meetings.

The CRC receives up to 2000 visits each year from researchers representing Federal and State agencies, industry, and educational institutions in the U.S. and abroad. For the past 40 years the geologic community has benefitted from the invaluable collections maintained at the CRC.

The Core Research Center is located at the southwest side of Building 810, on the Denver Federal Center. Viewing of cores or cuttings is by appointment only. The CRC is open to the public Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. To obtain more information or to schedule a visit to the CRC, please email or call 303-202-4851.