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Middle Park Fossils from the USGS-Denver Collections

by Kevin C. McKinney, Robert O'Donnell, and William A. Cobban

The USGS-Denver has a particularly large collection of fossils from the region around Middle Park, Colorado. In conjunction with geological mapping projects between 1960 and 1975, a diverse array of mammal fossils were collected from the Middle Park Troublesome Formation by Glen Izett, Ed Lewis, and Bob O'Donnell. During the same period Glen Izett and Bill Cobban collected Cretaceous ammonites and inoceramids. The fossils were instrumental in providing stratigraphic age control for the geologic mapping projects.

fossil locations near Middle Park, Colorado

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Finding the Camel Fossil was the Fun Part

Collecting the camel fossils pictured on the Middle Park vertebrates page required delivering supplies and planning the path for the plaster jackets back up the hill.

Photo of fossil collection site Photo of fossil collection site
Photo of fossil collection site The fragile fossil was secured in plaster jackets. Then the last bits of matrix were removed.
Photo of fossil collection site Plaster jackets were slowly winched up the hill to the field truck.