USGS-GD-Scientific Capabilities - Rb-Sr SYSTEM Technique





Rb-Sr geochronology and thermal history

  • Used as an auxiliary tool to determine emplacement ages or cooling ages of specific minerals. Used normally in conjunction with U-Pb or 40Ar-39Ar ages.
  • Age range: Tertiary (last 65 million yrs) through Archean (last 3.8 billion yrs), but of limited use in highly-metamorphic terranes.

Sr-isotope geochronology

  • Age of sea water-deposited pure carbonates--generally fossil corals.
  • Based on Sr isotopic composition of sample relative to that estimated for sea water for a given time interval.
  • Quaternary (last 2 million yrs) through Tertiary (last 65 million yrs).

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