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U. S. Geological Survey Organic Geochemistry research utilizes chemical and geological data to develop an understanding of the physical and chemical processes of hydrocarbon generation, migration and accumulation; knowledge that is critical to the Energy Resources Program mission including the proper evaluation of the oil and gas potential of sedimentary basins for national and global resource assessments.

The objectives of the Organic Geochemistry Laboratory are to:

  1. provide organic geochemical analyses and interpretation for Energy Resources Program research projects such as global and national energy resource assessments;
  2. maintain state-of-the-art capabilities in chemical and instrumental analyses by developing new analytical methods, modifying existing methods and instrumentation, and by procurement of the latest instrument technology;
  3. provide organic geochemical expertise and analytical support to Federal, State and County agencies, universities and foreign research organizations;
  4. maintain an organic geochemical data base and a petroleum sample library for future research applications.

The Laboratory is capable of performing a wide variety of analyses to characterize the physical and chemical properties of petroleum, natural gas and source rock extracts, and to simulate oil and gas generation processes by anhydrous and hydrous pyrolysis techniques. Between 4000 and 7000 analyses are submitted by over 50 investigators each year, predominantly from the Energy Resources Program, but also from related USGS programs and the Water Resources Division. Analyses are performed as cooperative studies for investigators from various outside Federal and State agencies, international organizations and academic institutions.

Data is compiled and reduced for input into the Organic Geochemistry Database. Although access is currently restricted, portions of the Database will soon be available to the public via the Internet and Digital Data Series releases on CD-ROM. A petroleum sample library containing over 1500 samples is maintained at the Laboratory and is utilized by investigators both inside and outside the Survey. A database consisting of sample location and geologic information is available for retrieval. The database is linked with the Organic Geochemistry Database so the geochemical data can be retrieved if available.


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