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Paleontological Resources of the USGS in Denver

For more than 100 years the USGS has been maintaining a fossil collection in Denver.  The fossils are valuable resources for researchers in the USGS, other federal agencies, industry, and academia.  The collections are the biostratigraphic standard from which timing of important events in earth history are dated.  The collections are routinely used as the research basis for analyses of geologic mapping age control, climate change, faunal diversity, and extinction events.

Primary collections housed in the Denver repository include:

  • Lower Paleozoic trilobites and graptolites
  • Upper Paleozoic brachiopods
  • Upper Cretaceous ammonites and inoceramids
  • Triassic and Jurassic ammonites
  • Cenozoic Non-marine molluscs
  • Mesozoic and Cenozoic vertebrates
  • Mesozoic fusilinids.

In addition to the 1.2 million fossils, the collection includes a vast amount of metadata consisting of locality and taxonomic cards, ledgers, supplementary identification reports, field notes and maps.
Our challenge is to convert this analog data into digital data, georeference the fossil localities, and prepare searchable databases for each fossil collection.

Photo of horned rodent skull
Epigaulus hatcheri (Matthews 1901). This horned rodent is from the Miocene Dry Union Formation near Salida, CO. Partial skull discovered in 1968 by Glenn Scott and the horn cores discovered at the same locality one year later by Bob O'Donnell.

Highlights and Current Topics

Fossil Collection Database Progress

  • Mesozoic mollusks Western Interior, Cobban: 14,000 localities done
  • Mesozoic ammonites Gulfian Series, Conlin: 4,000 localities done
  • Mesozoic/Cenozoic western US vertebrates, Lewis collection: 1600 localities done
  • Cenozoic western US vertebrates, Repenning collection 1000 localities done
  • Paleozoic trilobites, Ross, Palmer, Taylor collections, 13,000 localities done
  • Paleozoic forams, Meyers collections, 400 records done


Volunteers and Advisors

  • Farley Fleming, advisor
  • Steve Hook, advisor
  • Bob Hunt, Nebraska University Museum; paleontologist, advisor and current researcher
  • James Kennedy, Oxford University Museum Director and paleontologist; advisor and current researcher
  • Jann Thompson, USNM Department of Paleobiology Collections Manager; advisor
  • Ireneusz Walaszczyk, Institute of Geology, University of Warsaw; geologist and paleontologist, advisor and current researcher
  • Scott Wing, USNM paleontologist, Department of Paleobiology Chairman; advisor

Key Collaborators

  • US National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian)
  • Oxford University Museum of Natural History
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • USGS Field Records

Selected Products

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Cobban, W.A., Sawyer, D. and McKinney, K.C., 2004. Cross Section of Upper Cretaceous Rocks (Dakota Sadstone-Point Lookout Sandstone) From Gallup to Lamy, Northern New Mexico. USGS Open-File Report-2004-1093.

Digital Catalog of Cambrian-Ordovician trilobites: collections by Pete Palmer, Rube Ross, and Mike Taylor.

Digital Catalog of the Gulfian Cretaceous ammonites: collections by J.P. Conlin.

Digital Catalog of the late Miocene-Pleistocene vertebrates: collections by Chuck Repenning.

Digital Catalog of the Triassic- Pleistocene vertebrates: collections by Ed Lewis.

Digital Catalog of Western Interior Cretaceous mollusks: collections by Bill Cobban.

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