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To reach any of the staff members, please send your e-mail to or call us at 303-202-4851.


Betty Adrian


Jeannine Honey (Data Management)

Kevin (Casey) McKinney (Fossils Collection)

John Rhoades (Core and Cuttings Collection)

Technicians (Core and Cuttings)

Josh Hicks

Terry Huber

Dawn Ostrye

Dustin Huntsman (Student)

Technicians (Fossils)

Mary Connell

Christopher Stuckey

Mailing Address when using US Postal Service:

USGS Core Research Center
Mail Stop 975
Box 25046, Denver Federal Center
Denver, CO 80225, USA

Mailing Address when using commercial delivery services:

USGS Core Research Center
101 South Kipling St.
Building 810, Door S-25
Denver Federal Center
Denver, CO 80225, USA